Tips from Toppers of UPSC exams

Preparing for UPSC CSE can create a lot of confusion and dilemmas. For someone who has started their journey quite recently, the situation is even more complicated. If you are at a similar stage, you must consider joining the best IAS coaching in Chennai. You should know that IAS coaching centers in Chennai have come of age and produce many successful candidates in UPSC Exams every year. 

Coaching centers obviously make things easier, but many aspirants plan their journey without expert guidance from such institutions. It is about the situation and preferences of various candidates as far as coaching is concerned. So, you should understand that you can attain the desired results even if you don’t join any coaching institute. 

How to go about it?

To give you journey the boost and motivation it needs, you can try various things. Reading the interviews of toppers can be one of the ideal ways to get things rolling. These people have been at the same place where you are right now. 

They understand everything you are dealing with while moving towards your goals. So, their words can be invaluable and precious. Some of the opinions of toppers in recent years have been compiled in this article and presented to guide the sincere and serious aspirants.

Start early

UPSC CSE is an all-inclusive examination. Sometimes you’ll find candidates close to thirty years of age topping the examination in their 3rd or 4th attempt. At other times, you’ll see a fresh graduate of twenty years landing the first rank. In spite of these variations, starting your preparation at an early age is ideal. It will give you substantial time and sufficient attempts. The point is that by starting early, you can increase the probability of your selection.

Toppers advice younger aspirants to stay attentive towards their goals from their graduation days. If you take small steps in your preparation, then you’ll give yourself a solid head start by the time your graduate and get your Bachelor’s degree. During this period, you can continue learning and increasing your suitability for civil services without any pressure because you aren’t eligible before graduation. In the long run, you will reap substantial benefits of the efforts made here.

Practice makes perfect

The significance of mock tests in UPSC CSE preparation can’t be overemphasized. The selection ratio of UPSC CSE makes the entire landscape extremely challenging for all aspirants. So, how do you get ahead? You continue practicing regularly. UPSC CSE is meant to test your suitability for the services. But clearing the exam requires you to develop many other attributes. 

Prelims and mocks

Mock tests allow you to plan everything in great detail. You need to figure out the number of questions you should answer during the prelims stage. You wouldn’t find a single candidate who answers all the prelims’ questions with a hundred percent accuracy. Most toppers score anywhere between fifty-five to seventy-five percent in the preliminary stage of UPSC CSE. With the help of mock tests, you will understand what the ideal number of attempted questions for you is.

The biggest contributor

When it comes to the mains stage of CSE, the importance of mock exams becomes even more substantial. Your conceptual clarity, along with answer presentation needs to be near perfect. At times, candidates falter even though they are well-informed about the answers to specific questions. Test series programs by some institutes can also be beneficial. 

Why does it happen? The simple rationale behind this is that they haven’t practiced writing answers. You need to understand that knowing about something and writing answers to related questions in CSE mains are entirely different entities. So, mock tests can give you the polish you need. You need to develop the ability to transform your knowledge into answers that fetch sufficient scores to qualify for the following stages of CSE.

Sheer will

You’ll never know your limits until you start pushing them with all your strength. The same thing is true for UPSC CSE preparation. You need to believe in yourself and continue working towards your goals. The fact is that if you lose your confidence, your efforts will also start declining. And you’ll never know how close you were to breaking the barrier and entering the world you had always wanted.