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The Best Times to Replace Your School’s Furniture

Over time, school furniture undergoes heavy wear and tear and eventually it comes to the point where it needs to be replaced. Occasionally you can get away with just replacing a few items and/or parts here and there over the school year; but when you need to replace school furniture on a larger scale, it’s important to realize the best times to go about the endeavor.

Summer Break

Obviously, summer break is the very best time to replace furniture in your school. Extended student absence allows you the time to assess what needs replacing, determine how best to replace it, have it delivered, assemble it if necessary, and set it up in the classrooms or communal spaces with time to spare before students return. Employees also return to work before the students do, so you have the labor you need available to get your new furniture distributed quickly and efficiently. Now there are academy supply that sell various kinds of school furniture supplier with good quality and low prices. What are you waiting for, order your school furniture now.

Spring Break

Spring break is the second best time to have furniture delivered to your school. During spring break, the cleaning staff usually is available and is willing to help with the new furniture delivery. Spring break is a tricky delivery time, though, as you only have a week to make sure that the furniture arrives and is in place on time.

Winter Break

Though winter break is a longer period than spring break, because of all of the holidays associated with that timeframe, very few employees are willing to help distribute and assemble furniture no matter how badly your school may need it. Employees may need extra incentive to be available to help during winter break. Shipping may also be an issue during the winter holiday as shipping companies are at their busiest during the Christmas season. Unless you have an early break delivery scheduled, many furniture suppliers may not be able to guarantee a punctual delivery.

Whenever you decide to have your new furniture delivered to your school, it is important to get it from a reliable school furniture supplier. Your school’s relationship with its furniture supplier is hopefully one that will prove useful for both parties for many years to come. Research on the company and the products they offer. Choose a company that has excellent products for a fair price and has good reviews from other customers. Feel free to ask the company for references and to check those references. Don’t forget to ask around about their punctuality: if you are functioning on a tight delivery timeline like spring or winter break, even a day’s delay can cause headaches for everyone at your school.

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