Piaggio Releases the Vespa GTS 300 Series, These Specifications and Prices

In 2019 Piaggio Company has successfully sold Vespa products. Currently, there are many Vespa for sale, one of which is the Vespa GTS 300. The Vespa series also makes other significant improvements, with improvements in almost all aspects, Piaggio Company introduces the Vespa Super Tech 300 Vespa which is claimed to be the most sophisticated Vespa ever. 

The launch of the latest Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 is an important part of strengthening Piaggio’s Corporate Premium Roadmap Strategy in providing premium Italian-style driving experiences for customers, including product excellence, dealer network, genuine parts, and accessories. Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 presents a strong character through a charming design, powerful engine and equipped with the latest technology. We believe that the Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 will bring a better ride and uniqueness.

Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 has always evolved throughout its travel traditions and always balances between heritage and modernity. The Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 evolved by accentuating the design aesthetics with the newly redesigned shield, the latest yellow horn cover adorning the front tie. This series also comes with a chrome-plated crest with the latest shape on the front mudguard and the latest ‘honeycomb’ motif on the side that reinforces the character of this wasp-shaped scooter. On the wheels, a special glossy black color appears on the 12-inch rim with yellow shock spring which contrasts with the color of the front body of the motor.

Renewed with a sophisticated finishing touch, the seats on the Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 have been ergonomically redesigned: double upholstery with two-color stitching that includes new yellow details, offering and ensuring better comfort for motorists and passengers during the trip.

The Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 is also equipped with the latest engine that will provide a better driving experience with less vibration and noise, and most importantly, a more powerful engine. This motorbike is equipped with 300 new HPE (High-Performance Engine) with more than 23 HP (horsepower), the most powerful and responsive engine ever on the Vespa, making the Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 the most powerful Vespa.

This 300 HPE engine is the latest evolution of the 300 CC, 4-stroke, 4-valve single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, and electronic injection engine. This is the work of the Piaggio Group Research and Development Center. This latest engine is controlled by the latest generation MIU4 ECU which enables greater calculation capacity and contributes to overall engine efficiency improvement, allowing the engine to be started practically and instantly after two crankshaft turns.

The Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 is also equipped with ASR electronic traction control, only available on the best motorbikes, to prevent the wheels from slipping. Dual ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is also installed on the Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 to ensure maximum safety for the driver.

Adopting a 4.3-inch full-color TFT digital screen that works with the Vespa MIA smartphone connectivity system via Bluetooth, the Smart Dash of the Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 allows drivers to give voice commands, receive calls, manage notifications of incoming messages, and navigate the system. The latest Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 also gets an increase in lighting technology systems with the best-LED technology installed in the front and rear. The front view is marked by the round shape of the LED headlamp, an element that is characteristic in Vespa design history, equipped with LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) which will accommodate better visibility. Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 offers two color choices namely Black Vulcano and Gray Avio. Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 is offered for £4,899 with a guarantee of product quality for 3 years.