How to Create a CV Successfully?

A good CV is your ticket to a job interview. Whether you have experience or not, it is therefore necessary to take care in creating your curriculum vitae. Easier said than done? The following tips will help you make a perfect CV with ease.

Create a Simple CV

You might think you need to stand out with a flashy curriculum vitae that is totally out of the ordinary. Yes, you certainly need to stand out, but it does not mean making an extravagant is a good idea. You can make a classic cv online and impress the recruiter. Find a happy medium between simplicity and originality. In addition, stay on a synthetic page summarizing your career path. Put important information first according to the needs of the position. To be able to justify a two-page CV, you must present a very long professional experience. For young professionals, an effective resume fits on one page.

How about the photo on a CV?

Legally, nothing obliges the candidate to include a photo in his CV. On the contrary, the trend towards an anonymous curriculum vitae pushes certain candidates to do without it. Nonetheless, be aware that the photo often works in your favour.  It helps to humanize the application. Choose a photo that is both smiling and professional (frame, outfit, image quality). It will help convince the recruiter as much as your background!

Show your Interest in the Company

Even if experience and skills are essential, showing the interest you have for the company can help you make the difference. To do so, press on the points that the company is looking for in the ideal candidate. Find out how the company works and adapt your CV and cover letter accordingly. The goal is to prove that your profile is fully compatible with the company. The recruiter will then think that you will have no difficulty integrating into the team. If you want, you can even add the color of the company on your CV provided it does not alter the elegance of the document.

You can emphasize the fact that you are a serious person who will do the job asked of him in the best way. List your greatest soft skills. Showcasing what you can bring to the company can also help. In a nutshell, show that the company interests you on all levels without making you look like a fan.