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Great materials for babies’ sensitive skin

If you are a new parent, aunt/uncle or just a family friend who is looking for baby clothes, we know the struggle. Babies should be the easiest to shop for, as they get excited about anything and they have no idea if it’s useful or not. But when it comes to clothes, there are many factors to consider, and one of the most important ones is the material. The skin of babies is very sensitive, so getting the right material that won’t irritate it is crucial in the first years of life. In this article we’ll walk you through some of the best materials that you should look for when getting baby clothes. Most of the properties found in these materials will repeat, so you can choose the one you like best. If you walk into a designated store for baby clothes, and not a shopping center franchise, you’ll probably find these materials exclusively, so this helps in knowing the quality of the stores as well.


The first one we’re going to suggest is what you’ll probably find in all the baby sections. Cotton is a breathable and light material that makes for the perfect onesies and bodies for babies. It’s soft and it doesn’t cause allergies so it’s a great material to wear directly on the skin. You should look for cotton in T-shirts, bodies, socks or full body onesies as these will be comfortable and safe for the baby. If you’re looking for fun cotton pieces, you can take a look at these options for baby clothes: They will keep the baby comfy while putting a smile on the parents’ face.


Providing more warmth, but still being breathable and comfy, wool is our second suggestion. What makes wool even better is the temperature regulating property. This will ensure that your baby isn’t overheating or too cold and will also prevent sweat. We suggest that you make sure to choose a super soft wool to prevent itching or that you layer something underneath the sweater, just as an extra cautionary step. You should pay attention to the care recommendations for woolen items and make sure you follow them so that you don’t damage your clothes.


The last suggestion we have for you is one regarding bed sheets for your younger buddies. If you want to make sure that your baby is sleeping comfortably, you should look at getting some silk bed sheets. This material is natural and durable, it has a soft and shiny look and it’s also great for formal wear. The reason why we suggest silk for bed sheets is that this material fades in the sun, so it’s better to keep it out of sunlight. Silk is also proven to be one of the best materials for bedding even for adults, so while you’re at it, get yourself a pillowcase as well and get ready to sleep like a princess.

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