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Extraordinary Learning Program at St Andrews International School

One credible international school in Thailand is St Andrews, located in Bangkok. It’s been running for quite a long time. This international school is designed with unique learning programs and systems. The following are unique learning programs at St Andrews international school that you should know about:

British Curriculum

As an international school, St Andrews is using the UK national curriculum, which has been arranged to adapt to the Thailand environment. This school curriculum is interesting because it reflects the British curriculum without leaving Thai culture in the learning process. Regarding the British curriculum itself, there is no doubt as various educational institutions have adapted it throughout the world. This good reputation makes international schools based on the British curriculum the primary choice for parents to send their children to school.

Global Campus

St Andrews has a unique learning program called Global Campus. This facility facilitates students’ interest in learning new things both inside and outside the classroom to develop a global perspective. They will learn to recognize the values ​​of multiculturalism and multilingualism. At the school, they discuss among students with various nationalities and various cultural backgrounds. While activities outside the school are summer programs, expedition programs, and worldwide experiences.


As an international-based school, St Andrews is very concerned about student interests. One of them is an interest in art. This school believes that art can develop students’ imagination, open students’ creative boxes, and can increase their self-confidence later. St Andrews provides specialized curricula in art, including music curriculum, dancing curriculum, performing arts curriculum, and drama curriculum.


Sport is also a flagship program for St Andrews. Students can build their talents at sports as one of the fun learning outside the classroom. Schools set high standards for students. They are trained to give their best and prepare themselves as athletes who can perform in inter-school sports tournaments.

Those are some of the advantages of learning programs offered by the St Andrews Thailand-based international school. You can add this school to your references related to education for your child. You can easily access a lot of information through