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Essential Tests To Run Before Publishing Your eCommerce Website

In an era where businesses are always on the edge of improving their online visibility, selecting a proper web host in Australia hasbecome paramount in enhancing the performance of your e-commerce sites.

Testing is the primary consideration if you want your customers to have an enthralling user experience.

But before getting started, you should have a reliable website hosting provider who can handle all the intricacies involved in publishing your e-commerce website online. 

This article will discuss the critical tests you should implement before launching your e-commerce website.

Why Test a Page Before Launching?

Before publishing your e-commerce website, you should know the importance of running essential tests.

  1. Testing your website can help in identifying issues that can be resolved before taking our website live. This can help incredibly to enhance  the user experience when they visit your website. For example, fixing bugs or code-based issues.
  2. Early testing can also help to modify your website’s features, design language and other aspects. For example, you can make modifications to the plugins or extensions if they cause problems.
  3. Testing can also resolve technical issues that can hamper your website’s SEO performance. For example, you can fix the page loading speed or broken links (if encountered during the testing stage).
  4. Since e-commerce websites deal with sensitive financial customer information, security testing becomes imperative.

Main Tests to Perform Before Publishing an E-Commerce Website

Make Sure Your Videos are Uploaded Correctly

Many customers choose to watch product videos before making any purchase as these videos give a better understanding of the product features or how it appears. Maximum conversion rates depend on the correct display of a particular video. So you need to check the following perspectives before getting started with your e-commerce web hosting services:

  1. Has the video been exported in the correct format?
  2. Will the website page work if multiple people watch the same video simultaneously?
  3. You need to check the compression rate of the video being uploaded. If it seems low quality, you must immediately adjust the compression rate.
  4. You cannot access a private video set, so ensure the privacy settings are correct.

Altering the Branding or Font Structure Can Affect an E-Commerce Website

Changing your site’s look is a common factor to consider while running a test on an e-commerce website. Though it is advisable always to try innovative ways of keeping your visitors engaged on your site, remember that if this becomes a regular practice, then your e-commerce website can have a negative impact.

  1. Some fonts can deter your site’s loading speed, so checking the page speed before and after changing fonts is advisable.
  2. Always check your page on different browsers to ensure they appear properly. Font consistency is critical before you publish an e-commerce website.

Avoid Including Manual Reviews

Most consumers read reviews before purchasing, so they need to be relevant and genuine. But adding reviews might seem challenging due to the following reasons:

  1. If you manually include reviews, they might be incorrectly displayed on the site. In this case, a review plugin can solve the problem; you do not have to write codes manually.
  2. While giving reviews from any third-party sites, you should check if they are correctly displayed.
  3. The presence of redirects always drastically affects the reviews of your e-commerce website. They may look perfect on one domain, but if you have redirected it to another domain, some reviews that might have been included through some extension might not get reflected, so you must ensure that redirects are included manually. 


To wrap up, while starting your e-commerce web hosting in Australia,it is essential to run certain tests which can help improve your website’s performance and quality, and also reduce the overall costs. To ensure a successful ecommerce website launch in Australia, conducting testing is a crucial aspect.

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