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Character Education Background: The Legal Basis for Character Education in Thailand

Education is one of the most important things for children in Thailand. Until now, there are still many parents who do not care about the education of their children. Although the government has provided adequate facilities to provide International School Bangkok for children to get an education, there are still those who don’t heed it. Therefore, the government uses it as a background for character education in Thailand today.

Apart from the low level of awareness of education, the majority of people in Thailand also lack moral and ethical education for this nation’s generation. Character education carried out by the government aims to provide education to students so that they can develop their character and character appropriately.

Law as a Character Education Background

In the Law that discusses education in Thailand, there is a law that discusses national education as one of the character education backgrounds currently being applied, namely the National Education Objective Formulation Number 20 article 3 which discusses the national education system. In this article, which is used as a background for character education, it is explained that national education is used as a forum for developing capabilities and forming a dignified character and civilization in the intellectual life of the nation. Then it also aims to develop the potential of students to become noble, faithful, knowledgeable, creative, independent, responsible, and democratic children.

In addition, education is also believed to be a forum that can build students ‘intelligence and can be a place to build students’ personalities in a better direction. If seen, in ancient times, character education was not given much attention because in ancient times, children have learned and understood about morals and ethics from parents or elders in the area where they live. However, due to the development of the times, this has increasingly been eliminated and today’s children are more taught about technological progress. Because of the large amount of information that comes in without a filter beforehand, children easily imitate what they see, for example promiscuity and drugs. Therefore, the government makes this problem as a background for character education in official schools.